Lip Scrubs: Don’t Use Them Until You Have Read This

lip scrubs can cause bleeding

There’s something you need to know when you want to have soft, healthy lips. Scrubbing your lips will do more harm than it will do any good. Lip scrubs contain microbeads or abrasives to remove and peel dead skin from the lips, but it can cause harm too.

Here’s the inside scoop: scrubbing and peeling your lips with a lip scrub may cause unpleasant effects in the future. Read further to know why. 

Are Lip Scrubs Bad for Your Lips?

The lips have thinner skin than most parts of the body, with only 3-5 layers of cells. This is the reason they are pink as the blood vessels are more visible and closer to the skin surface.

When you use lip scrubs regularly and vigorously, it can damage the mucosa of the lip, which is a delicate part. This can lead to abrasion or scaring, then leading to micro-injury or, worse, bleeding.

lip scrubs can cause bleeding

Remember that the lips only have a few layers of skin cells. Too much exfoliation with your skin and lip will cause hyperpigmentation, and as a result, your lips will look brown rather than pink. 

It also helps to keep in mind that every time you’re using a lip scrub, you are removing whatever thin protection the lips have. This will create tears that may lead to dry and cracked lips.

With a lip scrub, we get a false sense of lip suppleness and softness because we rub off the outer, drier layer of cells. This is actually risky and worse, this product doesn’t moisturize and nourish the lips. Now you know why scrubbing is not recommended for lip care

Is It Bad to Peel Your Lips?

Have you noticed that when you have chapped lips, they start to peel? Then your first instinct is to rub it off or peel the skin because you think they’re dead skin?

You got this all wrong. Peeling your lips can result in bleeding, and it can be painful. Do not exfoliate and peel your chapped lips. 

That is why using a lip scrub is not recommended because its end result is peeling. You will just end up with worse problems and suffer from dry and chapped lips. Remember that your lips are delicate, and peeling will only cause more irritation and slow down its healing process. 

What is the Best Way To Heal Chapped Lips?

If you feel that your lips start to sting or feel that burning sensation, you are most likely to have chapped lips. Dryness is one of the main reasons why you end up with dry, cracked, and chapped lips. The bad news is, your lips don’t have an oil gland so that it can stay moisturized. 

That’s why you always have the urge to lick your lips because it’s always dry. By the way, try to avoid this too. There are several causes of chapped lips, but there’s always a solution to a problem. Here are the best ways to heal chapped lips:

  • Drink lots of water: Fight dehydration and hydrate yourself with lots of water. This doesn’t just prevent chapped lips but has tons of benefits for your body as well. 
  • Avoid licking your lips: This has been a force of nature, but this is not a good idea and avoid it as much as you can. The saliva on your lips will just take the moisture from your skin and, as a result, will cause dryness. When you’re tempted to lick your lips, reach out for a calming lip balm instead. 
  • Protect your lips: Protect your lips outdoors because too much cold and UV exposure may cause dryness. The solution is to cover your lips with a scarf or mask or use a soothing lip balm. When you’re indoors, turn in the humidifier to help in adding moist as well. 
  • Use a reliable lip balm: When you’re looking for a reliable lip balm, use a product that has a calming, soothing, and plumping effect. When you hydrate your lips using a lip balm, you will realize that there’s no need for exfoliation with a lip scrub. Experts recommend using CBD lip balm because of its natural ingredients and the many benefits that come with it. 

It is not uncommon to get chapped lips as the lips do not have oil glands.

The bottom line to heal chapped lips and prevent dryness is to nourish your lips. With the help of a reliable CBD lip balm, you will have lips looking better and feeling softer in no time. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Infused Lip Balm? 

CBD lip balms have many benefits. CBD lip balms contain cannabidiol and small trace amounts of THC. That is why you’ll get the CBD benefits without getting high. CBD lip balms have anti-inflammatory effects that are beneficial to acne and inflammation. It also has sebostatic effects, which significantly reduce sebum production. CBD lip balms are designed to soothe and nourish dry, chapped lips.

Do not wait for your chapped lips to get infected, and bacteria may enter through the cracks. This may lead to cheilitis, the inflammation of the lips. This will need a doctor’s attention and costly treatments. 

Try applying CBD lip balms 6-8 eight times a day and enjoy its benefits. So as not to forget to moisturize your lips at any time of the day, stock a lip balm all over the place. On your bedside, in the car, on your bag, and in your workplace. 

Try the CBD lip balms of Zenrooted CBD, no preservatives, all-natural, and infused with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Enjoy their calming, plumping, and soothing effect.


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