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The Best Lip Balm: Three Types Compared

best lip balm

Most traditional lip balms, which have been around for decades, help dry lips because of the waxy protection offered by either shea butter, petroleum jelly, or lanolin. What if your lips get more than just this protective layer and get nourishment as well for healthy, luscious lips? These newer lip balms might just be a […]

Exploring 5 CBD Lip Balm Benefits

CBD lip-balm benefits

Why would I need a lip balm infused with CBD? How is a CBD lip balm remarkably different from all other lip balms available in the market? To answer these questions and more, read on about what CBD is, and five common CBD lip balm benefits that you should know. What is CBD in the […]

History of Lip Balm

cbd lip balm benefits

History of Lip Balm The 1800sIn the 1800s, Lydia Maria Child recommended earwax as a treatment for cracked lips in her highly-popular book, The American Frugal Housewife. Lydia Child observed that “Those who are troubled with cracked lips have found this earwax remedy successful when others have failed. It is one of those sorts of […]


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