Why Are My Lips So Dry [And How To Get Rid Of It]

why are my lips so dry

Dry lips are usually attributed to prolonged exposure to the sun or cold winter. But if you feel that your lips are dry year-round, then there may be other factors contributing to it. Dry lips may also be a symptom of a condition known as Cheilitis.

Lips are especially sensitive since they are only three to five cells deep. This makes them the thinnest part of the body. They are also without sweat or oil glands to keep them moist. Due to these factors, the lips are very susceptible to drying.

To treat dry lips, you must first understand the cause. Read on to find out factors making our lips dry and how to get rid of them.

Why Are My Lips So Dry Even When I Drink Water?

You may be drinking lots of water, but why do your lips still feel dry and cracked?

Several factors affect the dryness of the lips. Let’s look into them one by one.

External Factors


Sun exposure without protection causes dry skin. Extended and direct exposure of the skin to the sun can lead to chapping. Worse, peeling could also occur when the lips are too dry.

It is not only during the summer, but the cold winter can also make lips dry. Cold air during winter contains very little moisture. Because of this, water easily evaporates, eventually leading to dryness.

peeling lips during winter

It is best to protect your lips using a lip balm during harsh weather conditions. The recommended content for these lip products will be discussed later.

Hot Showers or Baths

While hot baths are nice, hot water and soap may eliminate the oil on your lips. Without the protection of oils on the lip, moisture may be lost.

Make sure to re-moisturize your lips after taking hot showers or baths.


Toothpaste contains ingredients for cleaning, whitening, and freshening of breath. While these are beneficial to the mouth, it is not the same case for the lips.

toothpaste: why are my lips so dry

The residue of toothpaste ingredients such as mint could spread to the lips and eventually cause them to dry.

If your lips feel dry after brushing your teeth, then your toothpaste could be the culprit. Try using a different brand of toothpaste. See if it improves the condition of your lips after brushing.

Body Hygiene Products

Most body hygiene products such as shampoo, face wash, and soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Most of these products use it as a lathering agent. Scientifically, this compound has been proven to cause skin dryness and irritation.

The following other ingredients may potentially cause dry lips:

  • Guaiazulene
  • Propyl gallate
  • Phenyl salicylate
  • Salol

It is best to check the product information whether they contain these chemicals or not. If you can, stay away from products containing these chemicals.

Internal Factors

Excessive Lip licking

lip licking cause of dry lips

Whenever your lips feel dry, chapped, or cracked, licking your lips seems to be the natural thing to do. It can moisturize the lips but only for a short time.

Excessive licking of the lips does the opposite. Saliva contains digestive enzymes like amylase and maltase. Continuous introduction of these enzymes causes the skin on the lips to wear out.

Vitamin B Deficiency

The body needs Vitamin B complex. It provides energy for the body and strengthens the immune system. It also helps maintain soft and supple skin. 

Deficiency in vitamin B may lead to several skin conditions like angular cheilitis, an inflammation on both corners of the mouth appearing as chapped lips. It can be observed in people who have wrinkles on the corner of their mouths. These people also frequently lick the corners of their lips.

angular chielitis

Eggs, leafy greens, beans, nuts, meat, and fish are great sources of the vitamin B complex. 

Excess Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the light-sensitive nerve cells in the eye’s retina. However, excess intake is not advised. Taking dosages greater than the recommended daily allowance may cause cracked lips, among other side effects.

Certain Medications

Certain medications may also cause cracked, dry and chapped lips. These include medications for high blood pressure, antidepressants, and chemotherapy drugs. These drugs induce the production of saliva in the mouth, which eventually causes dry lips..

Check the ingredients of the medicine for more information. Seek medical advice from your doctor if you think these drugs cause the drying of your lips.

How do you hydrate your lips?

Drink plenty of water

Naturally, drinking plenty of water will help prevent dehydration and consequently, chapped lips. It is advised to drink eight to ten glasses every day.

why are my lips so dry

Use natural ingredients to hydrate

There are natural ingredients that you can put on your lips to hydrate them. These include cucumber, butter, a mixture of sugar and honey, aloe vera, fresh banana, and coconut oil. 

Simply apply them to your lips. The moisture and oil contents of these ingredients will moisturize your lips.

Run a humidifier

Humidifiers introduce moisture to the air. Whenever it feels dry, run a humidifier to prevent dry skin and chapped lips.

How do you get rid of dry lips?

Breathe through your nose

It is better to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. When you breathe through your mouth, the lips get in contact with more air, causing them to dry out.

Use A Lip Balm

Lip balms are one of the many lip products available in the market. They have a long history, tracing back to the 1800s.

A lip balm are usually wax-like in texture. They are often sold in sticks or small tub-like containers. They primarily act as a moisturizer and prevent the skin from drying, chapping, peeling, and cracking.

Currently, there are various types of lip balms available in the market. Let’s look into them each.

Traditional Lip Balm

lip balm

The content of traditional lip balms usually includes beeswax, camphor, carnauba wax, lanolin, parabens, petroleum, and paraffin. Even though they help hydrate the lips, these ingredients may be harmful substances.

Of these, parabens, used as a cosmetic preservative, are considered to be the most toxic. They can mimic estrogen, making parabens a possible hormone disruptor.

Much exposure to this ingredient may negatively affect one’s health in several ways. These include negative effects on fertility and reproductive organs. They also pose a risk to breast and skin cancer.

Petroleum is another ingredient that can possibly pose risks to one’s health. When put on the skin, it creates an airtight barrier, making it hard for your skin to breathe. The production of petroleum is also very complicated and may easily be contaminated, producing carcinogenic compounds in the process.

Other substances like dyes, fragrances, and toxic metals can also be included in these products.

CBD Lip Balm – newer and better alternative

CBD lip balm

CBD lip balm is produced using cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant. It also contains 100% pure essential oil lip balm and other natural ingredients that smoothen, hydrate, restore, and protect your lips from drying, chapping, peeling, and cracking.

What are the other advantages of using a CBD lip balm over traditional ones?

  1. It has antibacterial properties.

A study by Mark Blaskovich, Ph.D., at the University of Queensland in Australia has found out that cannabidiol is a powerful antibiotic. It works against a wide range of bacteria. It even works against bacteria that may have become resistant to other antibiotics.

Given these, lip balms containing CBD can additionally help prevent lip infections.

  1. It contains antioxidants.

Easily exposed to the sun, the lips are prone to UV damage and other free radicals in the environment. The antioxidants present in CBD lip balms help protect our lips from damage.

  1. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

CBD lip balms contain vitamins A, B, D, and E. They also contain a good amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help strengthen the skin. These are good components that help revitalize the skin. 

  1. It keeps lips hydrated.

When applied, the CBD lip balm locks in the water on the lip and gives the lips a plumping effect. The moisture will make sure the lips are not dry or chapped.

  1. It best treats sensitive and chapped lips. 

With its antibacterial, antioxidant, and nutrients, CBD lip balm is especially best to apply to those who have sensitive lips, which may have bleeding or swelling conditions. Even those with open wounds can also use a CBD lip balm. 

Essential Oil Lip Balm

For those with chapped lips who are allergic to hemp-containing products, or are advised against using them, then an essential oil lip balm may be best for you!

They are also great for the hydration of lips. They also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Some essential oil lip balms use cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lavender. These aromatics have calming, soothing, and plumping properties beneficial to the lips as well. 

Important Reminders

While CBD lip balm definitely has its advantages, it is important to remember that usage of CBD-infused products does not treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It does not guarantee over-all health improvement, as one product that works for one person may not work on another.

Zenrooted products are all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free but people under eighteen are not advised to use the product. It is advised to check allergic reactions to the products first. It is also recommended that pregnant and lactating women consult their doctor.

Also, should the condition of dry or chapped lips continue for more than two to three weeks, it is best to consult your doctor for a better diagnosis and treatment of the actual condition.


There are a lot of factors leading to dry lips or chapped lips. External factors like the weather and internal factors such as licking your lips contribute to getting chapped lips.

With all this information it is clear that the best product for chapped lips is a lip balm that will not only keep it moist, but will also provide nourishment. Further it should be something without toxic ingredients such as parabens.

To prevent dehydration that causes chapped lips, CBD-infused products such as lip balm is best recommended for use. It not only gives a protective layer to the lips, it also nourishes. CBD lip balms also have some advantages over traditional ones. 

To know more about Zenrooted CBD lip balms, check out the following links on this page for reviews and testimonials from satisfied users.


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