Your Simple Lip Care for Plump, Sexy Lips


Important Lip Care Facts

Here are some facts we need to remember to have a proper lip care routine.

Our lips do not have oil glands.

Sad but true. Our lips do not have oil glands hence, they cannot lubricate themselves.

Lips do not have sweat glands either.

This adds up to the problem of dryness. They do not have emollients and they do not prespire

Lips only have 3-5 layers of skin cells.

The lips have one of the thinnest layers of skin, the first line of defense. With 3-5 layers of skin, the protection is so little. This is also the reason why our lips are darker in color than our skin, since the blood vessels are closer to the surface.

Lips need protection from the sun.

lip care with sunscreen

Think about it – lips have no sweat nor oil glands, they have very few layers of skin, so they are easily exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Just like in any skin care routine, Lip sunscreen is a must. One such nourishing sun protection agent is Vitamin E which protects against UVB damage. Or one that has spf 30

Lips tend to get thinner as we age.

lip care routine

Like any other part of our skin, lips lose collagen too. Hence lips generally get thinner or at least lose their full shape.

Lips can darken according to several factors.

Lips can darken due to constant exposure to the sun, cigarette smoking. certain medications, allergic reactions to toothpaste, lack of hydration, certain lipstick ingredients.

Excessive lip licking can dry lips.

lip licking and dry lips

Yes, lip licking, which we all due unconsciously, is actually a bad habit! Our saliva has enzymes that can cause lips to dry further when we lick.

Good Lip Care Routine and Tips for Sexy, Healthy Lips

1.Keep hydrated.

hydrate for healthy lips

Hydrating your body by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is a must. Hydrate even more during extreme summer or cold/winter conditions, and during exposure to the outdoor elements.

2.Wear an organic lip balm every day.

natural CBD lip balm

Because our lips do not have oil glands, we need to supply the nutrition our lips need daily with more than just a hydrating lip balm to protect your lips all day long. But the emphasis here is to keep your lips to be an ORGANIC lip balm. There are lip balms or lip care products that contain toxic ingredients, such as petrolatum, fragrance, artificial colors. Check the ingredients of your lip balm or lipstick brand.

If you are to wear lip balm daily, it has to be safe to use regularly.

Check the ingredients to make sure it has no synthetic and other toxic ingredients. Opt for lip care products that not only has moisturizing but also nourishing properties. Look for one that is rich with healthy natural ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, shea butter or cocoa butter which has Vitamin E as well, because Vitamin E acts against harmful UVB rays.

3.Exfoliate, but not more than twice a week.

is it okay to exfoliate your lips every day

Our lips also shed off dead skin, and to keep your lips smooth, soft, and supple it helps to exfoliate. However, since our lips have only 3-5 layers of cells, exfoliating more than twice a week as recommended by dermatologists will not help as it will leave our lips raw. Give your lips time to recover and do not scrub your lips more than the recommended

A good natural exfoliating treatment is honey and sugar. This lip scrub costs less too.

We are all guilty of rubbing our lips raw because of the chapped, flaky skin. If we wear our lip balm, then we greatly reduce the flaking and dryness.

4.Watch what you eat!

Part of a good lip care routine is watching the food we eat. Certain types of food can cause our lips to dry out. Avoid citrus fruits and spicy foods if you already have constantly cracked lips.

5.See your doctor for excessively chronic dry chapped lips.

chapped lips

If you suffer from chronic dry chapped lips, it is best to see your doctor. It might be actinic cheilitis that can lead to carcinoma.


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